Forum Rules and Code of Conduct

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Forum Rules and Code of Conduct

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:01 pm


• Courtesy is not optional.

• Writing posts in ALL CAPS is considered yelling and is not allowed within these forums.

• Please limit your use of text speak so that other users can better understand you.

• No words are censored, but please be mindful of what you are posting and where you are posting it. Adult content belongs in the adult forums.

• Baiting is not allowed, nor is using generalities in order to get around 'baiting' people. If it is obvious that your 'generalized' post is directed at other users then it is not allowed.

• Calling people names is not allowed even if done in a joking sense. You refer to the individual by there forum username, or a shortened form there of, or don't refer to them at all.


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